What to Expect When Getting a Tooth-Filled

Dental fillings in Morristown TN are a necessary treatment when you have tooth decay. One or more of your teeth may start showing signs of decay when food particles on your teeth break down into plaque and tartar. These substances create acid that bores a small hole into your tooth enamel. Fillings also protect your tooth against future extraction, pain, or infection.

The Process of Having a Cavity Filled at Simple Dental

To ensure your comfort during the procedure, our dentist applies numbing gel to your gums followed by anesthesia. You should not feel the poke of the needle from the anesthesia since your gums surrounding the affected tooth will be numb.

After ensuring that the medication has taken affect, the next thing our dentist does is remove the decayed portion of your tooth with a dental drill. Filling material goes into the space left by removing the tooth decay. The last step is to check your bite to make sure the filling feels right and then polish your tooth.

Silver Amalgam vs. Composite Fillings

Silver amalgam is the most common material used to create dental fillings. These fillings also contain copper, mercury, and tin. Over the last several years, patients have expressed a desire to have tooth-colored fillings to give them a more attractive smile. Also known as composite fillings, the primary materials used in tooth-colored fillings are glass and resin. Be sure to express your preference to your dentist before scheduling an appointment to have your cavity filled.

Don’t Delay Treatment if You Have Tooth Decay

Putting off getting dental fillings in Morristown TN puts you at risk for more serious oral health issues later. Please contact us for an evaluation if you have throbbing pain, sensitivity to hot and cold foods, or other common symptoms of tooth decay.

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