Tooth Fillings 101: A Closer Look for Curious Patients

Most people will need at least one dental filling at some point in their adult lives. Dental fillings in Morristown, TN are perhaps one of the most common dental treatments, there can be questions if you are anticipating your first filling.

What are tooth fillings made of?

Tooth fillings can be made of different materials, and the dentist may recommend different types of fillings depending on the size and location of your cavity. However, composite resin and amalgam are the two most common types of dental filling materials. Composite resin is pigmented to match the share of your teeth, while amalgam fillings are made with a mixture of metal compounds and appear gray.

How long will tooth fillings actually last?

Tooth fillings are a common procedure because they are so effective and long-lasting. The life span of a filling varies depending on the material used and a number of other factors. For example, amalgam fillings tend to have a longer life span than composite. However, you can easily expect the filling to be fine for at least 5 to 15 years in most cases.

How do you take care of a tooth with a filling?

Once a filling is placed, you will continue to brush, floss, and attend regular oral hygiene appointments. There is no necessary change in your dental care habits at home. The dentist will monitor the filling to ensure it is still protecting your tooth and no further decay has developed during every oral health checkup.

Discuss Dental Fillings with a Skilled Morristown, TN Dentist

Do you suspect you need a cavity treated with a filling? At Simple Dental, we’re the skilled Morristown, TN dentist that can help. Reach out to schedule an appointment.


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