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When Do I Need Tooth Fillings?

As the leading dental urgent care clinic in Morristown, Tennessee, Simple Dental offers a variety of services. This includes dental fillings, as well as emergency dental care, tooth extractions, and root canals. Decide if now is the time to see about an aching or discolored tooth. We may be able to remedy the issue with […]

Five Critical Flossing Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that most people don’t floss correctly? Any dentist in Morristown, TN will tell you that not flossing correctly can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental health issues. So let’s go over the critical flossing mistakes people make and how you can avoid them. Five Critical Flossing Mistakes to Avoid Here are some […]

What to Expect When Getting a Tooth-Filled

Dental fillings in Morristown TN are a necessary treatment when you have tooth decay. One or more of your teeth may start showing signs of decay when food particles on your teeth break down into plaque and tartar. These substances create acid that bores a small hole into your tooth enamel. Fillings also protect your tooth […]

Tooth Fillings 101: A Closer Look for Curious Patients

Most people will need at least one dental filling at some point in their adult lives. Dental fillings in Morristown, TN are perhaps one of the most common dental treatments, there can be questions if you are anticipating your first filling. What are tooth fillings made of? Tooth fillings can be made of different materials, and the […]

Is a Severe Toothache a Dental Emergency?  

Ouch! Do you have a terrible toothache? You might be having a dental emergency. There are several things that cause toothaches, but if the pain is very severe, you could be experiencing a dental problem that needs emergency care. This could be reason to see your dentist in Morristown, TN. Below is what you should […]

3 Benefits of Professional Dental Cleanings

Getting routine dental cleanings can do wonders for your health and well-being. However, many people don’t schedule enough cleanings to properly care for their teeth and gums. In this post, we’ll discuss three key benefits of professional dental cleanings. Detects Dental Problems Early On It’s recommended to visit the dentist at least twice a year. […]

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

When you’re dealing with severe tooth pain or another dental complication, acting fast is extremely important. If you wait too long, this could make the problem much worse. However, how do you know you’re dealing with a dental emergency? How can you tell if your dental issue needs immediate attention? In this post, we’ll talk […]