Top 3 Signs You May Have Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, sometimes incorrectly referred to as cavities, is one of the most common dental hygiene issues in America, and even the world. Although it may be a sign of inconsistent habits, some cannot be prevented if certain lifestyles are not minimized. Simple Dental of Morristown, TN provides the best general and urgent dental care in the area to fix these issues.

What is Tooth Decay?

Although tooth decay is often referred to as cavities, the term is also used for the reduction of enamel at the top or base of the tooth. This is a serious issue, as this can wear out your oral healthcare over time, making it difficult to achieve a comfortable quality of life.

Signs of Tooth Decay

There are many signs that your teeth may be in danger of severe decay, but below are the most common symptoms that you may need to seek professional care or at least a check-up.


If slightly hot and slightly cold food causes an extreme amount of sensitivity when it touches certain teeth, this is a very common sign that you may be experiencing a cavity, tooth decay, or some other related issue. Another simple exercise is to suck air into your mouth rapidly. If you feel that any tooth is cold, or sensitive, this is also a symptom of possible tooth decay.


Experiencing tooth pain, or pain around your gums and jaw when eating and speaking is a common sign that you have tooth decay.


Bad breath could just mean you need to brush your teeth, but consistent bad breath coming from a localized area in your mouth could mean there is tooth decay and bacteria present.

Your Local Dental Care Professionals in Morristown, TN

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is best to create an appointment with Simple Dental of Morristown, TN. Our knowledgeable and professional dental care experts will be able to properly identify and recommend customized solutions.


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