Dental Care Tips for Every Age Group

Every dentist in Morristown, TN, will tell you that taking care of your teeth is a lifelong effort. And for that effort, you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy, lifelong smile. But did you know there are different stages of care for the different stages of your life?

It’s true. So, let’s take a look at each of them.

Dental Care Tips for Every Age Group

Of course, you should see your dentist for regular dental check-ups. But that is a given, everyone knows that, but not everyone does it. Aside from that, here are the dental care tips for each stage of your life.

1. Childhood Stage

The childhood stage starts when a child’s baby teeth erupts. At this point, you should schedule adental check-up in Morristown, TN, for your child. This will help establish a positive association with dental care and a foundation for a healthy smile.

2. Teenage Stage

This stage introduces the emergence of wisdom teeth. As you know, regular dental appointments will help catch any potential issues early. Doing so will help highlight any corrective treatments that are needed for a beautiful smile.

3. Adulthood Stage

As an adult, you know how busy and challenging life can be and all its hurdles. However, staying on top of your yearly dental check-ups is extremely important. Preventive dental care can help maintain your oral health. It can also help identify a variety of medical issues as well.

4. Golden Years

As you age, your teeth age as well. Regular dental check-ups will help preserve your teeth. It will also help identify dental issues before they have a chance to affect your organs and the rest of your body. However, if dental care is neglected, it could result in losing your teeth. And no one wants that!

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4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Oral Health

2024 is right around the corner. At this time of year, we like to look ahead to the new year and make goals to improve our quality of life and habits. It’s the perfect time to set goals to improve your oral hygiene.

Knowing what you can do to take better care of your teeth can help you avoid cavities and dental infections that can lead to root canals and other emergency procedures. As your dentist in Morristown, TN, we’re happy to provide you with useful advice. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Use an Electric Toothbrush

Compared to manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are shown to do a better job at cleaning teeth. Electric toothbrushes use oscillating or sonic technology to remove debris from your tooth enamel and help keep your teeth free from plaque. If it’s in your budget, consider buying an electric toothbrush for your home. Your dentist at Simple Dental can recommend a model.

2. Brush Your Teeth for Two Minutes Each Time

You’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes each time you brush, but are you doing this? If not, you could be missing out on opportunities to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Time yourself, or better yet, use an electric toothbrush that will time your toothbrushing session for you.

3. Perfect Your Flossing Technique

Flossing can be difficult, and many people don’t do it quite right. Next time you go to the dentist for a checkup, ask your dentist to show you how to floss properly. Getting occasional tutorials on your brushing and flossing technique can help make you better at it.

4. See the Dentist Twice Annually

Seeing the dentist twice a year can help prevent cavities and gum disease. If you’re not seeing the dentist twice annually, you could be at higher risk for a variety of dental problems. Make a point of making twice annual visits to the dentist. Make your next appointment for a dental exam in Morristown, TN, today. Call Simple Dental.

Five Critical Flossing Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that most people don’t floss correctly? Any dentist in Morristown, TN will tell you that not flossing correctly can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental health issues. So let’s go over the critical flossing mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

Five Critical Flossing Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some of the most common flossing mistakes people make and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Flossing Too Often

You should floss your teeth once a day. Flossing your teeth more than once a day can lead to gum damage, which could eventually lead to other dental issues.

2. Flossing Too Quickly

No one likes flossing — we get it. That’s why most people floss too quickly because they want to get it over with. But that’s the absolute worst thing you can do. Take your time flossing, so it gets done thoroughly and correctly.

3. Not Flossing Both Sides of Every Tooth

Did you know you should floss both sides of every tooth? If you want to floss correctly, you should be flossing both sides of each tooth.

4. Flossing After Brushing

Your dentist will tell you scheduling a routine dental appointment in Morristown, TN will help prevent a myriad of dental issues saving you loads of money in the long run. Your dentist will also tell you that you should always floss before brushing your teeth.

5. Flossing at the Wrong Time

It’s always best to floss prior to brushing your teeth before you go to bed. This will help keep food and other oral debris from remaining on your teeth while you sleep. This will help reduce the chances of you developing more dental issues that are the result of food, etc. remaining on your teeth while you’re sleeping.

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3 Questions to Ask At Your Next Dental Appointment

When you go to the dentist in Morristown, TN, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to learn more about how you can take care of your teeth. When you visit the dentist, it’s important to ask questions that can help you improve the way you take care of your smile. Below, we’ve listed three questions you can ask your dentist when you go.

1. What can I do to improve my oral hygiene?

Just by looking at your teeth, your dentist can identify ways that your oral hygiene routine is falling short. Take the opportunity while you’re at the dentist office to learn more about how you can take better care of your teeth. Your dentist can give you a tutorial on how to brush your teeth, can show you how to floss, and can even tell you about personal habits you can form that can help you take better care of your teeth.

2. When should I return for my next appointment?

Most dentists have their patients come in every six months for a dental cleaning. However, if your dentist has identified a problem with your oral health, your dentist may recommend special appointments specifically to treat your teeth. Find out when your dentist would like you to return to the dentist office.

3. Are you seeing signs of any problems I should be aware of?

Start a conversation with your dentist about potential problems that your dentist is seeing. Your dentist can give you advice to help you avoid such problems.

Before going for your next dental cleaning in Morristown, TN, get prepared. Write down three or four questions to ask your dentist, so you can make the most of your time in the dental chair. Hopefully at your next dentist appointment, you’ll learn something about taking care of your teeth. When you’re ready to come in for a teeth cleaning, call Simple Dental to make an appointment.

Top 3 Signs You May Have Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, sometimes incorrectly referred to as cavities, is one of the most common dental hygiene issues in America, and even the world. Although it may be a sign of inconsistent habits, some cannot be prevented if certain lifestyles are not minimized. Simple Dental of Morristown, TN provides the best general and urgent dental care in the area to fix these issues.

What is Tooth Decay?

Although tooth decay is often referred to as cavities, the term is also used for the reduction of enamel at the top or base of the tooth. This is a serious issue, as this can wear out your oral healthcare over time, making it difficult to achieve a comfortable quality of life.

Signs of Tooth Decay

There are many signs that your teeth may be in danger of severe decay, but below are the most common symptoms that you may need to seek professional care or at least a check-up.


If slightly hot and slightly cold food causes an extreme amount of sensitivity when it touches certain teeth, this is a very common sign that you may be experiencing a cavity, tooth decay, or some other related issue. Another simple exercise is to suck air into your mouth rapidly. If you feel that any tooth is cold, or sensitive, this is also a symptom of possible tooth decay.


Experiencing tooth pain, or pain around your gums and jaw when eating and speaking is a common sign that you have tooth decay.


Bad breath could just mean you need to brush your teeth, but consistent bad breath coming from a localized area in your mouth could mean there is tooth decay and bacteria present.

Your Local Dental Care Professionals in Morristown, TN

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is best to create an appointment with Simple Dental of Morristown, TN. Our knowledgeable and professional dental care experts will be able to properly identify and recommend customized solutions.